Sd.Kfz 223 3.Serie, Sd.Kfz.222 4.Serie

With the hinges fully refurbished and machined (where required), the doors were fitted to the hull of the TWC SdKfz 223. All of the required handles for the visors, visor glass retainers (see lead image) and hinges are now in hand, blasted and primed. The rear fender support frames are in position for both SdKfz 223 awaiting the metal surface to be fitted. The first rain guard having been extensively researched has now been fabricated and assembly fitted to the TWC SdKfz 223. We will be covering the design and construction of this piece including the research we undertook to ensure this part was correct in an Inside Track piece to be published shortly.

The front bumper has yet to be completed with the stays and protective axle armour plate not yet fitted to the SdKfz 223 of the Foundation. The rain guard has just been completed for the Foundation’s SdKfz 223.

Our auto electrician is due to return next week to test the SdKfz 222 electrical loom and fittings. These were all fitted previously but one component malfunctioned causing us to take the cautious line and recheck everything prior to running the armoured car.

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