1 Ton Zugmaschine Demag, Zundapp KS750

Work continued on the Zundapp KS 750 with a replacement original sidecar fender, original sidecar frame, side car boat all gathered together for consideration next week. The stripped parts will be bead blasted here and the the larger items will be sent to one of our trusted counterparts. The 1 Ton Zugmaschine or Demag has been fully serviced. There was a problem with the fuel pump. The modern non lead alternative petrol always causes problems and this time was no different. Success with the ‘Demag’ was established and she will be taken for a good run next week.

Drawing will start soon on some of the components for the engine bay of the 3 and 4 serie le.Pz.Sp.Wg armoured cars. We have one carburettor for our 3.5 litre engines which will have to be carefully plotted to produce another. An exciting prospect….

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