South African Reconnaissance Car (Marmon Herrington) MK III (Late)

In Detail

With war clouds gathering in 1939 the Union of South Africa was forced to develop its own armoured cars. An armoured body was designed and developed in South Africa and mounted on the chassis of the Ford 3t General Service Truck. This was a normal rear wheel drive vehicle. This was designated South African Reconnaissance Car Mk I and starting in 1940 a total of 135 were produced.

From the beginning the South African designers wanted to improve their car. They turned to the Ford Company of Canada to furnish a suitable chassis with right-hand steering. For a front axle that was driven and steered, they turned to the Marmon-Herrington company .

The Marmon-Herrington company had, from 1932, sold kits, that converted trucks to all-wheel drive vehicles. In this way the South African designers were able upgrade their 2-wheel drive Ford 3t General Service Truck chassis to 4-wheel drive. At the same time, they also took the opportunity to improve the ground clearance. This was improved car was known as the South African Reconnaissance car Mk II. A total of 887 of the Mk II were built up to June 1941.

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