Schwere Geländegängiger Personenkraftwagen Kfz.21 Typ 901 Kabriolett

In Detail

In the late 1990s, we came across a German WWII staff car the Horch Kfz.21 which was in extremely poor condition. Initially, we ignored it, as we were looking for parts for our other projects, although the dealer offered it to us at a good price. Apart from recently being recovered from Nairobi, the dealer had little knowledge of the car’s history.

Known as a Kommanderwagen, this type of vehicle was generally only issued to Field Marshals or officers of Divisional rank. Only around 45 had been made. A large number of these Kommanderwagen bodies were built by the famous coachbuilders Gläser of Dresden. The primary chassis suppliers for these vehicles were Horch and Steyr of Graz in Austria. Other suppliers included Mercedes Benz and Skoda of Bohemia-Moravia.

However, we decided to purchase the Horch, as it was too good an offer to disregard and had it shipped back to the UK.

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