Panzerabwehrkanone 40 Pak 40 7.5 cm

In Detail

This iconic and instantly recognisable anti-tank gun of Germany in the Second World War was a mainstay of Panzer Aufklärungsabteilung (Reconnaissance units ). In the classic Typ 44 Panzer-Division Gliederung of 1944 these anti-tank guns were located in the 5th Heavy (support) Company (5./AufkAbt.), which was generally made up of Sd.Kfz. 251 Schützenpanzerwagen.

These weapons were relatively easy to locate as Pak 40s remained in service of some countries years after the Second World War ended. A good example was much more difficult to find. Many are still available in pieces recovered from the various battlefields of Normandy and Eastern Europe.

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