Leichter Geländegängiger Einheits Personenkraftwagen Kfz.1 Stoewer R180W Spezial

In Detail

This Leichte Gelaendegaengiger Einheits Personenkraftwagen Kfz.1 Stoewer is known to have been in England for approximately twenty five years prior to its acquisition by the Foundation in 1997. The vehicle originally came from Czechoslovakia where it had been used by a local fire service. A water pump had been mounted at the rear, which explained why the body from the engine bulkhead to the rear was missing. Forward of the bulkhead it still retained its original engine bonnet, radiator, cowling and engine. It was running on incorrect 16” tyres which is not uncommon given the rarity of suitable 18” tyres. During this twenty five year period an original windscreen and hood frame were added.

Mechanically, it was nearly complete and in superficially good order. Its post-war use and servicing would have accounted for the better than expected condition. A short time after her arrival in England a reproduction body was added, which was very inaccurate in dimension, style, construction and materials.

The vehicle remained this way for many years until the last but one owner managed to acquire several original body parts, including a set of 18” split wheel rims, a skuttle, four side doors, a pair of front wings and two front floor panels. An original 50 litre fuel tank was also found but proved unusable given that it had bad internal corrosion and numerous leaks.

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