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Renault FT - Hull Assembly Continues & StuG III Zimmerit 04/08/17

04 Aug 2017

Work on FT and StuG and plans for Jagdpanther

Rapid progress has been made on assembling the restored components of the FT.  It should be remembered that each plate had been repaired and annealed so the assembly is going like clockwork.  

Machining of the suspension continues at a pace.  The next item to be attended to will be the final drive casings and the Renault FT and TSF gearboxes will be rebuilt next week.

We have conducted more in depth research on the application of Zimmerit on our and other MIAG StuGs (Sturmgeschutz). We have discovered significant differences of the Zimmerit treatment between MIAG and Alkett - the primary assembler.   

Plans for Jagdpanther engine: we are scheduling a time to attend to the faulty magneto in the Maybach HL230.