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Leichter Schuetzenpanzerwagen   (Sd.Kfz.250/1) Ausf.A

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SdKfz 250/1
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France in the mid-1990s was still a treasure trove of parts and vehicles for those willing to rummage around in farm sheds and through collectors’ seconds. A correct HL42 dry sump engine was eventually located in excellent condition in Austria and was shipped back to England, together with various road wheels, wheel hubs, swing arms and track. The plan was to restore the 250 together with the Demag 1 ton, which had since returned from France after completion of its external restoration. The endless search for spare parts went on. Faxes were sent, phone calls made and various shows, especially the Abel’s Winter meeting (now the Boehler Treffen), were scoured for parts. We always began at 06:00 am; the early bird really does catch the worm. A vacuum actuated pre-select gearbox was found in an unused condition complete with the original tag still attached from the production line. It had come from a depot discovered after the war in Norway. The vacuum alloy parts were found in the same depot. Other parts proved harder to find. The gearbox itself gave us a vivid insight into resistance to the Nazis. Having supposedly been restored in Germany for us, the gearbox was ....